Five Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Divorcing couples often face tough choices and emotional trauma. Thankfully, a divorce does not have to end up fighting in court. Couples can choose a collaborative divorce to avoid a lot of the pains and pitfalls of a traditional ugly divorce. This can happen by working with a reputable lehi divorce attorney. In a collaborative divorce, couples commit to working to negotiate an agreement without going to court. Every spouse will sit down with their respective attorneys and discuss every issue until they find a solution everyone agrees. Collaborative divorce provides many benefits if both spouses are willing to settle their disputes amicably. These benefits include the following:

Money and Time Savings

As couples choose to divorce collaboratively, they don’t have to go through the entire process of adversarial divorce. Thus, they will spend less time and money with the divorce attorneys. Also, this means spending less money on the courts. With the compressed time frame, couples can move on faster.

Reduced Emotional Exhaustion

A lot of divorce attorneys who specialize in collaborative divorces are also great conflict mediators. Thus, their presence during every step of the process will reduce the likelihood of the couple’s separation getting ugly. With their services, there can be a more equitable distribution of assets than would otherwise be possible. 

The Best Interest of the Children is Prioritized

A good divorce attorney knows that the children are their parents’ greatest assets and they want these little fellows to experience minimal stress and anguish during the divorce. In a collaborative divorce, neutral third-party experts are brought in to offer opinions on best practices. These experts can include a child specialist who can give spouses advice on how to help their children along in the process. Also, by going through a collaborative divorce, couples can help their children avoid ugly contentious court battles which can exacerbate pain, stress, and heartaches often associated with the process. 


 In a collaborative divorce, both spouses communicate openly and share information transparently. They are advised not to hide anything. They have to believe that their spouse will take part in the process truthfully and with honesty. 


When spouses embark on the collaborative process, they are both committing to resolve their divorce amicably through a negotiated settlement and to avoid litigation. This allows them to come up with a settlement that works best for each party, instead of a settlement a judge imposes. 

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