How to Hire an External Auditor in Malaysia

Auditing is no longer a preserve of large and multi-billion companies. Despite the size of your firm, you can always engage the services of an audit company in Malaysia.

However, don’t be quick to make a decision.

You want a reputable auditor to review your financial statements. With this, you’ll be able to spot fraud or any impropriety in your financial statements.

However, hiring an auditor isn’t easy. Here are a few things to check before making a decision.

  1. The Certification Details

It’s the primary consideration to make before hiring any auditor. The person you engage should be competent at what they do.

The only way to ascertain this is by checking their licensing and certification details. If the firm is hesitant to share these details, don’t engage their service. Otherwise, you’ll regret as you decry of wastage of time and finances.

  1. The Nature of Your Firm

Before you start looking for an auditor, you’ll need to understand the nature of your firm.

The process of selecting an external auditor comprises of bids and tenders. The invitation to submit tenders should include precise details about your firm.

You’ll need to provide available details on internal control and organizational structure. These details make it easier for the auditing team to understand your business.

  1. Impartial Audit

It’s the primary reason why you hire an external auditing service.That’s why some level of independence in this exercise is vital.

Therefore, don’t hire your friends or relatives as your auditor. Any relationship, whether direct or not, can impair their independence leading to a partial audit.

  1. Experience and Qualification Standards

An external audit firm needs to have years of experience in the industry. Its

Its team should profess high academic qualifications and relevant experience in the field.

Being the company secretary Malaysia, it’s essential to consider their reputation. Check this alongside their previous audit tasks.
If the majority love their services, go ahead, and hire them. Otherwise, keep searching until you get the right auditor for your firm.

  1. The Auditing Cost

Before you start the auditing exercise, agree on the payment amount and terms.

Weigh the benefits and costs before deciding on whether to engage their services or not.

Keep in mind that implementing the recommendations from your auditor gives value for money. As a result, your financial base will expand.


Hiring a reputable auditor isn’t easy. It requires you to do comprehensive research before choosing the one to engage. Assessing their experience and reputation determines whether they’re a good fit or not.

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