Information About Direct Mail as An Efficient Marketing Tool

In the oversaturated digital marketing world, direct mail is effective. An email marketing, Facebook ad campaign, and digital search are still crucial but today real engagement happens with direct mail. Many people believe that direct email is on its deathbed, which is not the case. It is actually not used properly.

You may have seen direct mail postcards for real estate but other businesses like retailers or restaurants or consignment shops hardly use them. Large organizations combine digital marketing and direct mail in their marketing strategies. Even small businesses can use direct mail marketing effectively. How?

What makes direct mail effective as a marketing tool?

When people touch something, they can remember it 30% more. It means triple the times than other marketing channels. The main drawback of using direct mail is it is expensive in comparison to newsletter and Facebook ads.

For a small business, direct email is a big investment, even when you obtain great discounts from direct mail programs. In the direct mail marketing method, you need a mailing address. This is challenging!

Which direct mail format to choose?

It is a personal preference but it is wise to keep the audience in the front. Choice of the right format will depend on –

  • Budget
  • Marketing goal
  • Target audience
  • Follow-up planning
  • Product or services

The two types of direct mail format are –

Letter mailer

The letter mailer includes an envelope. It offers a personal feel and looks. You can include inserts and other mail pieces.


As envelopes are not included, the mail inserting and printing cost and time gets saved. It can be in the form of brochures, newsletters, postcards, booklets or product samples. Self-mailers are not personal, so shareable. They generate visual interest. Self-mailer is a great marketing tool for promoting events or mass products.

Tips for efficient direct mail marketing

The postal service programs help you deliver postcards to different neighborhoods employing carrier routes. Thus, the need to spend on the mailing list is removed and no need for spending on postage stamps. You can identify the carrier routes and define the drop dates for the postal service to deliver direct mails to every door residing on the carrier route.

Reach wide

With postal service programs, you can reach hundreds or thousands of customers. Thus, the rates per postcard will be less. If you have a refined customer list, then spend more on birthday postcards to make a huge impact.

Evaluate the results

Monitor marketing campaigns from different channels like direct mails, emails, etc. In this way, you know why customers accessed your business in a specific way.

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