Some Microsoft Word features worth learning about

Have you ever wondered if you can convert a word document to a PDF document and vice versa? If that is the case, then you are not alone because there are so many people in the same dilemma. There are several reasons why it may become necessary to convert PDF to word. For instance, if you want the various elements contained in your word document to remain intact regardless of the computer or operating systems used to open it, converting it to PDF may be your best option.

However, before you convert an MS word document to a PDF file, you will need to start by creating it first. Luckily, MS word provides you with a host of features that allow you to do virtually anything. These many features have made MS word to be arguably the most used digital word processing computer program. It is used in schools, businesses, and even homes.

Below, I will look at some of the features of MS word that make it worthwhile.

Documents, blog posts, and Microsoft word templates

When you open MS word for the first time on your computer, the program will usually prompt you to create three different types of files, that is, a blank document, blog post, or MS word template. Each of these three files is used for different purposes in word and I will look at these purposes in brief.

In MS word, a blank document is basically a text file that allow you to create text-based documents that you can include texts, images, and other forms of characters. In a blank document, you can format your text in so many ways to suit whatever purpose you want it for. Each document format comes with its own page size and layout.

Blog posts like the name suggests allow users to create blog posts that they can then upload to their blog accounts without too much trouble. This way, passionate bloggers are able to create content and upload it seamlessly to their accounts.

Lastly, MS word templates are basically pre-defined formats.

The tabbed ribbon in newer versions of Microsoft word features

Latest MS word versions come with the famous “ribbon” feature which is designed in the form of screens that capture all the commands that MS word includes. This feature was introduced in MS Office 2007 and has continued to exist in later versions. The ribbons contain tabs, commands, and command groups. These features make it easy and convenient for users to have access to all the commands they want in one place. This saves time for users of MS word.

Last words…

Your introduction to MS word will open a lot of endless possibilities for you. This software has been designed and refined over the years to become such a powerful tool that businesses and other entities can’t survive without. Simply put, the reliance on MS word is unmatched by any word processor out there and it only serves you well to learn how to use it.

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