Important Questions to Ask a Cosmetics Manufacturer

Have you ever wondered whether you are with the right cosmetics manufacturer? Or whether you are choosing the right supplier for your fledgling venture? The only way to find out is to ask the right questions. Before you select a manufacturer or change suppliers, think about the information you wish to extract. Here are some questions that will help during the selection process.

Will your brand be a top priority?

When choosing a company that specialises in high quality cosmetic production (called ผลิตเครื่องสำอางคุณภาพดี in Thai), it is important to know whether your orders will be a top priority. If they already deal with a range of clients and your business is just a drop in the ocean, they may not be worried about your requests. You will need to know if you will have an account manager that can respond to your needs and provide a prompt and professional service.

How long have they been in business?

The longer a company has been involved in the cosmetic supply industry the better the service. Although this is not always the case, 99% of the time, you will find that a cosmetics manufacturer who has been operating for many years will have a system that benefits your business. Ask about their operations and see what companies they tend to deal with.

What are their production capabilities?

When picking a manufacturer, you will need to know if that company can respond to your requests. If your business is experiencing a period of growth, can the supplier meet your demands if you decide to ramp up production? In addition, you must know whether they can supply the specific product you are after, i.e. sun cream, lotion, face cream etc.

Do they have the ingredients in your formula?

Not only should they have the right ingredients, but they should also know how to blend them together to ensure quality. If you do not supply a quality product, you will lose clients and revenue. Your customers depend on consistency, if this is not apparent, they will lose faith in your brand. Without trust and stability, your product will suffer.

Although there are many important questions to ask a cosmetics manufacturer, the one’s listed above are essential. Your supplier is your link to success, if you choose the wrong manufacturer, you will experience a range of issues. The right cosmetics supplier will continuously provide high quality services you can depend on.

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